Easy Clean Galaxy Gutter Cleaning System

Reaches gutters as high as 12 meters. Use it in combination with a wet vacuum cleaner with strong suction power such as RONDA 520.

The system consists of 1,5 meter carbon fiber tubes, giving a strong construction but also a very low total weight; each tube weighs only 310g. The tubes are held together using a simple and efficient clamp mechanism. Various nozzles are included, so the system can be used for many different cleaning tasks.

Easy Clean Galaxy is distinguished by having an integrated air control valve in the lower tube, which makes it easy to supply the vacuum cleaner with false air in cases where the nozzle is blocked by eg. larger pieces of moss, a tennis ball or the like. If the nozzle is blocked by, for example, a tennis ball, turn the air control valve so that the suction is reduced sufficiently for the tennis ball to drop and fall to the ground. In this way, it is not necessary to turn off the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the work process.

Rainproof camera and monitor are available as optional accessory, so you can follow the work from the ground and control the tube optimally.

  • A complete system – easy to use and transport
  • Easy cleaning in high places that are difficult to reach, without using ladder or scaffold
  • Up to 12 meters reach
  • Camera and monitor (optional)
  • Including practical carry bag

Below video demonstrates RONDA 520 and the Easy Clean Gutter Cleaning System:

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Item number:

82.97.5220 – complete 6 m
82.97.5221 – complete 9 m
82.97.5222 – complete 12 m

All variants are including accessories, but without camera/monitor (optional)

SKU: 82.97.5220 – cemplete, 6 meter / 82.97.5221 – complete, 9 meter / 82.97.5222 – complete, 12 meter


6 - 12 meter
(per tube) 300 g
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