PCB Filter Housing

The PCB filters are used for renovation tasks where there is a risk of occurrence of PCB in the building materials.

The construction of the filter ensures that the contact time between the carbon and the polluted air will be greater than 1 second by means of which there will be a better binding of the volatile PCB. The carbon has been placed in a zigzag in the filter, and the injection ensures that the air velocity is low, and that the entire filter area is used.

The life span depends on the use and absorbed concentration. The end of the life span should always be checked with control measurements.

  • Is used for the filtration of the exhaust air
  • Ensures a contact time of >1 sec. between the air and the carbon as specified
  • Easy connection to the machine


Item number: 84.67.7001

SKU: 84.67.7001


(including filter) 63 kg


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