RONDA 2000 Green Tech

RONDA 2000 Green Tech – a heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner.

The machine is equipped with a large self-cleaning multi-tube filter and is suitable for large cleaning tasks and the final cleaning after grinding or sanding wood or concrete floors etc.

RONDA 2000 Green Tech meets the requirements as to vacuum cleaners in the industry and the construction industry.

  • Continuous suction power
  • Filter cleaning during operation
  • Vacuum indicator for check of the filter load
  • Emptying from the bottom with collection in a plastic sack, a disposable container or direct in the container
  • Static electricity dissipation
  • Low power consumption – large suction power

Available with either two or three motors (2200 W or 3300 W respectively).


Item number:

82.16.0058 (2200 W)
82.16.0049 (3300 W)

SKU: 82.16.0058 (2200 W) / 82.16.0049 (3300 W)


blow through - 2x1100 / 3x1100 W
Collection capacity
(bag) 28 l / (container) 43 l
1320 x 655 x 620 mm
Suction power
max. 530 / 780 W
Suction capacity
max. 2550 mmVs
(without accessories) 46 / 48 kg
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