Damage restoration

RONDA 20 vacuum cleaner

RONDA 20 Green Tech

RONDA 20 is the vacuum cleaner for small cleaning tasks and vacuuming after repair jobs. RONDA 20 Green Tech is ideal for wood and metal dust,...
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RONDA 400H vacuum cleaner

RONDA 400H Green Tech

RONDA 400H has a continuous suction capacity and a simple telescopic system for emptying from the bottom. The vacuum cleaner has an automatic ...
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RONDA 1800H Power with Longopac vacuum cleaner

RONDA 1800H Power with longopac

RONDA 1800H Power a powerful vacuum cleaner equipped with Longopac bags, making it quick and easy to dispose the collected material. At the sa...
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RONDA 1800H Power w. collection container - vaccum cleaner

RONDA 1800H Power with collection container

RONDA 1800H Power with collection container is a powerful high class vacuum cleaner - with a large metal container releasable with a handle....
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RONDA 2000 vacuum cleaner

RONDA 2000 Green Tech

RONDA 2000 has a large self-cleaning multi-tube filter and is suitable for large cleaning tasks and the final cleaning after grinding or sandi...
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RONDA 2800H vacuum cleaner

RONDA 2800H Green Tech

The RONDA 2800H is a heavy duty vacuum cleaner class H for large quantities of fine dust with the possibility of collection in both Longopac ...
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RONDA 300 vacuum cleaner


RONDA 300 is able to vacuum both wet and dry without a change of filter. The ideal machine if you often need to vacuum both wet and dry dust, ...
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RONDA 330 vacuum cleaner


RONDA 330 has a built-in pump for continuous operation and pumping out of the liquid collected. Therefore the machine is suitable for vacuumin...
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RONDA 350 vacuum cleaner


RONDA 350 has a built-in pump for continuous operation and pumping out of the liquid collected. The wet cleaner is able to collect large quan...
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RONDA 500 vacuum cleaner


RONDA 500 has a large suction capacity and can collect liquid and dust at the same time without having to change the filter. The machine is id...
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RONDA 550 vacuum cleaner


RONDA 550 has a large suction capacity and is suitable for tasks where you need to vacuum large quantities of water, e.g. damage services, emp...
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PCB filter housing

PCB Filter Housing

The PCB filters are used for renovation tasks where there is a risk of PCB being present in the building materials. Is easily connected to the...
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RONDA NPU 600 is designed for high durability and user-friendliness. This negative pressure unit is the first in a new generation of NPUs base...
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The RONDA NPU 1250 negative pressure unit contributes to a good working environment at for example demolition-, asbestos removal-, and renovat...
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RONDA NPU 2500 is a professional negative pressure unit for the medium-large jobs....
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RONDA NPU 5000 is an effective and user-firendly Negative Pressure Unit for large spaces. Considerably improves the working environment at dem...
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Here are the vacuums which are most popular among our customers within damage restoration.

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