RONDA C120 suction unit


RONDA C120 is a strong suction unit to be used together with the popular MGB 120 refuse collection container. The adapter of RONDA C120 closes...
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RONDA 200H Power

RONDA 200H Power is equipped with the newest motor technology with an improved suction capacity, lower power consumption and a reduced noise l...
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RONDA 2000 vacuum cleaner

RONDA 2000 Green Tech

RONDA 2000 has a large self-cleaning multi-tube filter and is suitable for large cleaning tasks and the final cleaning after grinding or sandi...
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The RONDA 2600H is a highly effective dry dust vacuum cleaner for large areas such as warehousing facilities, production facilities, sports ce...
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RONDA 2800H vacuum cleaner

RONDA 2800H Green Tech

The RONDA 2800H is a heavy duty vacuum cleaner class H for large quantities of fine dust with the possibility of collection in both Longopac ...
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RONDA 3400 Green Tech vacuum cleaner

RONDA 3400 Green Tech

RONDA 3400 Green Tech vacuum cleaner is an all-round solution for collection of very large quantities of material directly into a standard 200...
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RONDA 300 vacuum cleaner


RONDA 300 is able to vacuum both wet and dry without a change of filter. The ideal machine if you often need to vacuum both wet and dry dust, ...
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RONDA 330 vacuum cleaner


RONDA 330 has a built-in pump for continuous operation and pumping out of the liquid collected. Therefore the machine is suitable for vacuumin...
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RONDA 500 vacuum cleaner


RONDA 500 has a large suction capacity and can collect liquid and dust at the same time without having to change the filter. The machine is id...
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RONDA 520 vacuumcleaner


RONDA 520 is specially designed for cleaning gutters and for vacuuming moss, leaves etc. With this machine, it is possible to vacuum both wet ...
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RONDA 550 vacuum cleaner


RONDA 550 has a large suction capacity and is suitable for tasks where you need to vacuum large quantities of water, e.g. damage services, emp...
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RONDA 2-58 DUO vacuum cleaner


RONDA 2-58 DUO is ideal for collection of liquids with large or small quantities of particles, i.e. both small particles such as sediments or ...
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RONDA 5-58 DUO vacuum cleaner


RONDA 5-58 DUO is suitable for large quantities of either dry materials or a combination of wet and dry. RONDA 5-58 DUO has two separator cont...
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RONDA 5-58 DUO R vacuum cleaner


RONDA 5-58 DUO R is a vacuum cleaner for large tasks. The collection containers made of stainless steel are particularly resistant to hot dust...
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RONDA CF-502P and CF-502A Pre-separator

RONDA CF-502P and CF-502A pre-separator

RONDA CF-502 cyclone pre-separator can be connected to a vacuum cleaner or another type of suction unit for protection of the filter from over...
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RONDA F-3400 pre-separator

RONDA F-3400 pre-separator

The RONDA F-3400 pre-separator is intended for the collection of very large quantities of material directly into a standard 200 l drum, which ...
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RONDA Big Bag Pre Separator

RONDA Big Bag Pre-Separator

Big Bag Pre-separator for collection of large quantities of material/dust in standard big bags (75x115x130 cm). Using a standard hose, the pre...
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RONDA NPU 600 is designed for high durability and user-friendliness. This negative pressure unit is the first in a new generation of NPUs base...
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