RONDA CF-502P and CF-502A pre-separator

RONDA CF-502P and CF-502A Pre-separator


Collection capacity
50 l
980 x 435 x 480 mm
(with hose) 12 / 12.5 kg


User Manual


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    RONDA CF-502P and CF-502A pre-separator with cyclone effect

    RONDA CF-502 cyclone pre-separator must be connected to a vacuum cleaner or another type of suction unit. When vacuuming large quantities of very fine dust, using a pre-separator protects the filter system of the vacuum cleaner from overload. A pre-separator also comes in handy, when you need extra collection capacity.

    The pre-separator is available in 2 versions; RONDA CF-502P and RONDA CF-502A. The standard version RONDA CF-502P is equipped with a plastic container, whereas the CF-502A is equipped with a metal container to prevent static electricity.

    RONDA CF-502 separates out 98-99% of the vacuumed material, and only a small part ends up in the actual suction unit, significantly extending the life span of the vacuum filter. A collection capacity of 50 liters gives the mobile pre-separator a larger working radius and permits the collection of larger quantities of material without your having to move about a large machine.

    RONDA CF-502 is well suited for the collection of mixed materials, both wet and dry. The vacuumed material is collected either directly into the container, or into a plastic sack, which is afterwards closed using a plastic binder. This ensures safe and secure transportation of the vacuumed material.

    • Collection with/without plastic sack
    • Separator with cyclone effect
    • Smaller filter load of the vaccum cleaner
    • Easy emptying
    • Metal trolley frame
    • 5 swivel wheels with rubber
    • Large collection capacity
    • For dry as well as damp materials
    • Can be connected to central vacuuming system
    • With 2.5 m hose

    RONDA CF-502P – Product No.: 84.31.0159
    RONDA CF-502A – Product No.: 84.31.0160

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