About us


V. Brøndum A/S was established in 1964 in Silkeborg, Denmark and has over the years gained a very high level of competence within the manufacturing of professional vacuum cleaners, which combined with a high degree of flexibility and a high service level is the focal point of our business concept.

We are of course always at your disposal with help and guidance on phone +45 8682 4366.

This is what we fight for

To contribute to a good work environment for our customers
To have satisfied customers
To be the preferred supplier
To look after one another and the environment
To stay profitable

Our guide lines

We keep our promises
We are always accessible
We use our common sense and take constant and appropriate care
We are not afraid to make mistakes and to admit our mistakes
We take responsibility and help one another.

Business philosophy

At V. Brøndum A/S we aim at being the preferred supplier of vacuum cleaners among our customers. By this we mean the supplier that brings the most value to our customers. Our customers’ needs are what motivates us.

The production of vacuums, like any other type of production, has an impact on the environment. But we believe that we can minimize this impact by purchasing components from local manufacturers, and also by establishing our own production locally, as well as ensuring that our products have the longest possible lifespan. Furthermore, we constantly strive to maintain a good after sales service on our products by keeping spare parts available at reasonable prices for many years.