Negative Pressure Units

Negative Pressure Units remove ultra-fine dust particles from the air. The RONDA Negative Pressure Units are available in different sizes, depending on the size (m3) of the work area.

Negative Pressure Units for the construction industry

During renovation tasks in the construction industry, the fine dust from the construction work sometimes spreads throughout the building, although attempts have been made to seal the rooms in question.

A Negative Pressure Unit (NPU) creates a negative pressure that minimizes the spread of dust from the construction work. In this way, the work environment is improved and the need for final cleaning is reduced.

A NPU is therefore not only required for the removal of hazardous dust, but is also increasingly recommended in connection with general cleaning tasks – both public and private.

It is important to use a NPU that fits the size of the working area (measured in m3). In case of very large working areas, it may be necessary to use multiple NPUs in combination. Please contact our sales department for further information and guidance.