A pre-separator is useful when large amounts of material are to be collected and the collection capacity of the vacuum cleaner is insufficient. In addition, the pre-separator reduces the filter load of the vacuum cleaner, significantly improving the suction power and prolonging the life span of the filters.

RONDA Pre-Separators

The RONDA Pre-Separators are used in combination with a vacuum cleaner or suction unit in cases of very large amounts of material to be collected.

The smallest pre-separator in the program, model RONDA CF-502 is easy to transport from one working place to another and is often found in carpenters’ and other workmen’s vans. The RONDA F-3400 pre-separator collects material – either dry material or liquid – directly into a standard 200 liter drum, making the following handling and disposal of the material easier. A similar principle but at an even larger scale is used on the RONDA Big Bag Pre-Separator, which collects the material into a large big bag sack standing on a standard pallet.

The RONDA Pre-Separators are designed to be used in combination with RONDA dry or wet vacuums, but with a suitable adaptor they can also be used with existing suction units/equipment.

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