RONDA Big Bag Pre-Separator

RONDA Big Bag Pre-Separator is designed for collection of large volumes of material/dust in standard big bags (75x115x130 cm). Using a standard hose, the pre-separator can be connected with one or two vacuum cleaners, depending on the suction power needed for the specific task.

The material is sucked into the pre-separator and by activating the shock valve, the material is released into the big bag. Depending on the type of material, the hose length, and the air flow, 80-95 % of the vacuumed material is held back by the pre-separator, whereas only a small part ends up in the vacuum cleaner. This reduces the impact on the filters of the vacuum cleaner. At the same time, the productivity is considerably increased, as the downtime when emptying the vacuum cleaner is minimized. When the big bag is full, it is easily transported on a standard EUR-pallet using a pallet truck. This simple handling of the vacuumed material also contributes to a higher efficiency.

The metal frame of RONDA Big Bag Pre-Separator can be dismantled for easy transport and space-saving storage.

The pre-separator is delivered without pallet, big bag and connection hoses, which are to be purchased separately.

  • Considerable increase of productivity at large grinding tasks
  • Large collection capacity
  • Designed for standard big bags
  • User friendly and easy to handle
  • Separator with cyclone effect.


Item number: 84.31.0194

SKU: 84.31.0194


Collection capacity
(Big bag/container) 1100/60 l
2550 x 1000 x 1250 mm
70 kg
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