Easy Clean Telescopic Cleaning System

Easy Clean Telescopic Cleaning System consistzt of carbon fibre tubes with a very low weight. It reaches up to 7 meters high and is therefore very well suited for interior cleaning in high places, e.g. in production halls, churches, shopping centres etc. The cleaning system is used together with a good, powerful vacuum cleaner, for example RONDA 200H Power.

The system consists of a carbon fibre telescopic tube of max. 4,2 m and an additional carbon fibre tube of 1,5 m. This makes the total length of the Easy Clean Telescopic Cleaning System approximately 5,6 meters. Carbon fibre tubes are characterized by their low weight and high strength. They are therefore very well suited for this type of task, since the tubes are stable and at the same time easy to handle.

The set comes complete with a carrying bag and a large selection of nozzles and tube bends so that it can be used for many different types of interior cleaning tasks at high places. As option, a wireless camera with monitor is available, making it possible to follow the work progress from the floor and ensure optimal cleaning.

  • A complete system – easy to use and transport
  • Easy cleaning in high places that are difficult to reach, without using ladder or scaffold
  • Up to 7 meters reach
  • Many different special nozzles
  • Including practical carry bag
  • Camera and monitor (optional)


Item number: 82.97.4321

SKU: 82.97.4321


Up to 5,6 meter
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