RONDA 1800H Power with collection container

RONDA 1800H Power with collection container is a powerful H class vacuum cleaner – with a large metal container releasable with a handle.

This vacuum cleaner is emptied from the bottom and collects the vacuumed material in a robust steel container, which is released by lowering a handle. It is possible to collect the dust in a plastic sack, in a disposable container or direct in the container of the machine.

RONDA 1800H Power is equipped with the latest motor technology which ensures a high level of suction, reduced power consumption and a lower noise level. The motor is started through a built-in soft start, which will reduce the power consumption during start-up and consequently protect both the motor and the electrical system.

  • Power outlet with automatic start-/stop function
  • Self-cleaning Teflon-coated multi-tube filter
  • Filter cleaning during operation
  • Emptying from the bottom with collection in a metal container
  • Low noise level
  • Beeper alarm in case of too low air flow
  • Soft start of  motor
  • Suitable for extraction from hand tools

RONDA 1800H Power is now available with a wireless remote control and alarm for the use of battery powerd hand tools. Read more under RONDA -WA remote control.

See this video demonstrating the RONDA 1800H Power vacuum cleaner:

A newly developed and very handy tool adapter with air adjustment is standard accessory for RONDA 1800H Power, see this video:

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RONDA 1800H Power version 2020 is equipped with a service alarm which will sound when the motor needs replacement. After replacing the motor, please follow the guide found under DATA SHEETS to reset the service alarm.

Item number:

82.06.1804 (standard)
82.06.1826 (with RONDA -WA remote control)

SKU: 82.06.1804 / 82.06.1826


PMax./PNom 1450/1230 W
Collection capacity
(Container) 28 l
1300 x 550 x 550 mm
Suction capacity
max. 3000 mmWC
(without accessories) 33 kg
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