Ronda 300

RONDA 300 is a handy vacuum cleaner, able to vacuum both wet and dry.*

The ideal machine if you often need to vacuum both wet and dry material, or in situations with many people sharing the same machine.

The wet and dry cleaner RONDA 300 is equipped with a synthetic bag for dry material. If you need to vacuum liquid, simply remove the bag. If you need to vaccum mixed, wet material a special synthetic collection bag with high drainage capacity is used.

  • Synthetic collection bags for dry and wet material respectively
  • Separation of particles/liquid with wet-collection bag
  • Large filter area
  • Robust design

* Kindly note: RONDA 300 is not suitable for vacuuming fine dust. For this purpose, we recommend a RONDA class H vacuum cleaner.


Item number:

82.06.0069 (standard)
82.06.0033 (with drainage hose)

SKU: 82.06.0069 (standard) / 82.06.0033 (with drainage hose)


by-pass - 1200 W
Collection capacity
(bag) 25 l / (container) 50 l
815 x 440 x 425 mm
Suction power
max. 285 W
Suction capacity
max. 285 W
(without accessories) 12 kg
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