RONDA Mini-Vac

RONDA Mini-Vac is a small portable class H vacuum cleaner, suitable for vacuuming small amounts of dust that is harmful to health.

The filter system, consisting of collection bag, pre-filter and class H HEPA filter, captures 99.995% of the vacuumed particles. Access to the collection bag is very easy, so that it can be easily taken out and replaced.

RONDA Mini-Vac is suitable for e.g. small installation or repair tasks where small amounts of harmful dust may occur.

The machine is equipped with a screw cap so that it can be closed during transport. RONDA Mini-Vac is delivered complete with carry strap and accessories.

  • Class-H vacuum cleaner
  • Low flow warning indicator
  • Easy emptying with sealable collection bag
  • Easy to carry around
  • Accessories included

Item number:


SKU: 80160001


(PMax./PNom.) 1100/1050 W
Collection capacity
(bag) 3 l
H320 x L390 x W210 mm
Suction capacity
(max) 2608 mmWc
(without accessories) 7,4 kg
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