RONDA NPU 2500 is a professional negative pressure unit for the medium-large jobs. The machine contributes to ensure a good working environment at for example asbestos removal-, demolition-, and renovation jobs.

The machine is equipped with a large pre-filter, which captures most of the airborne dust particles. Furthermore, a HEPA-14 filter holds back the finest and most health-hazardous particles. The filter load is monitored through a manometer which shows the pressure drop across the filters when the machine is operating.
RONDA NPU 2500 runs at three adjustable speeds which makes it possible to maintain a lower air flow in smaller working spaces, or if the machine is left to run over night in order to clean the air from dust.

RONDA NPU 2500 is a so called overpressure unit. It is constructed in a way that ensures a constant overpressure inside the fan unit- and electrical compartment. This is a major advantage when dealing with health-hazardous dust such as asbestos fibres, as cleaning and maintenance of the machine is much easier because the health-hazardous particles cannot get into the fan unit and the fan unit compartment.

We recommend placing the RONDA NPU 2500 in a screen wall or another type of opening. Alternatively, you can place the machine inside the working area and then have a Ø315mm ventilation hose lead the exhaust air outside. An adapter is delivered with the machine for coupling a hose to the intake side as well. Also included is a transport cover to seal the negative pressure unit during transport.

Four strong wheels – two of them lockable – and four lifting handles make RONDA NPU 2500 easy to move around.

• Heavy-duty negative pressure unit
• Adjustable air flow
• HEPA-filter
• Indicator for filter load
• Easy to handle


Item number: 80.29.2704

SKU: 80.29.2704


Noise level
85 dB(A)
695 x 590 x 1170 mm
57 kg
1350 W
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