RONDA NPU 5000 is an effective and user-firendly Negative Pressure Unit for large spaces.

By means of its strong suction power, the NPU is able to build up negative pressure inside a defined area. Thereby, the amount of air borne dust particles is reduced, and at the same time the spreading of dust in other parts of the building is prevented. Indispensable at demolition and renovation tasks, where the RONDA NPU 5000 is able to considerably improve the working environment.

You can place the NPU in a screen wall or another type of opening, or you can place it inside the working area, having a ventilation hose lead the exhaust air outside. The negative pressure unit comes with an adapter for coupling a hose to the intake side as well.

RONDA NPU 5000 is equipped with an extra-large pre-filter which absorbs most of the airborne dust particles. Furthermore, a HEPA-14 filter holds back the finest and most health-hazardous particles. The air flow is adjustable, and manometer shows the filter load.

  • Strong Negative Pressure Unit
  • Adjustable air flow
  • HEPA-filter
  • Indicator for filter load
  • Easy to handle


Item number: 80.29.5005

SKU: 80.29.5005


Noise level
84 dB(A)
800 x 700 x 1220 mm
83 kg
1350 W
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