RONDA NPU 600 is designed for high durability and user-friendliness. This negative pressure unit is the first in a new generation of NPUs based on a cylindrical filter system. The cylindrical filter system has a large filter area which results in:
– Lower pressure drop across the filters and consequently greater air flow
– Longer intervals between the filter change
– Longer life of the filters

The RONDA NPU 600 is built around a powerful radial fan to ensure a high air flow (max. 600 m³/h), even when the filter is blocked. The fan housing is made of strong, impact-resistant thermo-plastic. The robust metal frame is designed to protect the air cleaner and ensure easy handling and transport. The negative pressure unit is equipped with an indication for 70% blocked filter. The RONDA NPU 600 is available with non-return flap, which prevents the back flow of any toxic gases.

The RONDA NPU 600 is suitable for renovation, demolition, painting etc. where the unit removes health hazardous airborne fine dust from the breathing air, minimizes the need for cleaning, and you prevent the spread of dust outside the work area.

  • Simple and dust free filter change
  • Longer intervals between filter changes
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Low noise level
  • Warning lamp for 70% blocked filter
  • HEPA, H13 (EN 1822-1)


Item number: 80.29.0016

SKU: 80.29.0016


485 x 440 x 525 mm
13,5 kg
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