Easy Clean Camera System

Camera system for use with the Easy Clean Star Gutter Cleaning System. The camera system consists of a camera and a monitor as well as mounting clips, and is available with or without recording function.

The camera is mounted at the far end of the long tube of the gutter cleaning system, filming the cleaning process in the gutter. The monitor is mounted at the lower end of the tube, so that the user can follow the progress from the ground.

Specifications can be found in the manual, which is available for download under DATA SHEETS at the bottom of this page.

In this video you can see the camera system and the gutter cleaning system in use:

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Item number:

82.97.1007 (without recording function)
82.97.1008 (with recording function)

SKU: 82.97.1007, 82.97.1008


758 g
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