Cloudburst: RONDA 550 helped clearing flooded store

On 3 October 2023 several heavy cloudbursts occurred over large parts of Denmark, causing extensive flooding of roads as well as buildings and basements.

At a plumbing supplies shop in Silkeborg, the staff could watch helplessly while the floor of the 800 square meter store was covered in just 10 minutes by water, which in some places stood up to 12 cm high. A disaster restoration company was called and quickly began to rectify the extensive water damage using a RONDA 550 wet vacuum cleaner.

RONDA 550 is equipped with a submersible pump, making it particularly suitable for removing large volumes of water. The water is collected into the vacuum cleaner and pumped out simultaneously. This makes RONDA 550 very popular among disaster restoration companies in regard to water damage tasks. The two powerful suction motors ensure a high suction capacity. The motors can also be switched on separately to minimize formation of foam.

You can find further information about RONDA 550 here:


Vandskade efter skybrud i Silkeborg

Approx. 800 square meters of shop floor was covered by water after a heavy cloudburst over Silkeborg, Denmark.


Skadeservice medarbejder suger gulvet tørt vha. RONDA 550 vandsuger

Employee from the disaster restoration company in the process of vacuuming water from the floor using the RONDA 550 wet vacuum cleaner.


Pictures: Midtjyllands Avis