HEPA filter test

New vacuum cleaners and NPUs with HEPA filters can be supplied with a filtration certificate, a so-called “In Situ Integrity Test of Essential Filter Element”.


Authorities as well as internal company work safety organizations sometimes require for vacuum cleaners and negative pressure units to be certified from the manufacurer documenting their filtration capacity (cf. EN 60335-2-69 and EN 1822-5, now replaced by ISO 29463- 5: 2018).

Furthermore, machines must be tested in cases of uncertainty regarding the integrity of the installed filter (the machine has been knocked over or dropped) or after replacing the filter. According to the user manual of all RONDA class-H vacuum cleaners, the HEPA filter must be replaced at least once a year in accordance with the requirements of the EU standard EN60335-2-69.

Test process

The upper part of the engine with the HEPA filter installed is exposed to a test aerosol (PAO) by an aerosol generator. The amount of test aerosol added is measured as 100% exposure to the filter.

After the filter, the amount of aerosol is measured with a photometer (ATI 2i), whereby the filtration capacity can be recorded as a percentage.

Hence, the vacuum cleaner / NPU is equipped with a unique certificate for documenting the filtration, in which both the part number and the serial number of the vacuum cleaner or NPU and the installed HEPA filter are specified. This certificate can follow the machine as documentation towards the authorities, for example.

Used vacuum cleaners and NPUs that come to our service for maintenance can also be tested and re-certified with a new HEPA filter.


Please note that “technical assistive tools etc.” must be inspected at appropriate intervals and that this inspection must be documented, cf. EN 60335-2-69. When servicing the vacuum cleaner / NPU, we can perform an electrical safety test and a HEPA filter test in order to issue a certificate for both to document this annual inspection. If the HEPA filter is replaced, a test should also be carried out to ensure that it is correctly installed.

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