All vacuum cleaners and NPU’s with HEPA filters can now be supplied with a filtration certificate, a so called ”In Situ Integrity Test of Essential Filter Element”, also known as DOP test. This is in some cases required by authorities as well as companies’ internal safety organizations (cf. EN 60335-2-69 and EN 1822-5, now replaced by ISO 29463-5:2018).

If the machine has been dropped or overturned, or if there are otherwise uncertainties regarding the integrity of the filter, this test will also be relevant. The same is also the case after replacing the filter. According to the manual of RONDA class-H vacuum cleaners, the HEPA filter must be replaced at least once a year, referring to the requirements of EU standard EN60335-2-69.

Used machines that come to us for servicing can be tested and re-certified with a new HEPA filter as well.

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