RONDA 1800H-S Power with carbon filter

Complete set, ready to use. The set consists of the RONDA® 1800H-S Power vacuum cleaner with Longopac and RONDA® carbon filter for PCB.

H-class Vacuum Cleaner

RONDA® 1800H-S Power is a powerful high-quality class H vacuum cleaner, well suited and also approved for vacuuming large volumes of fine and/or hazardous dust. This variant is equipped with a separate air outlet point so that the exhaust air can be led outside or, as here, through a carbon filter.

RONDA® 1800H-S can be used for general vacuuming as well as for dust extraction from grinding or cutting machines. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with Longopac collection system for quick and easy
disposal of the vacuumed material and nearly dust-free emptying.

Acoustic Alarm

The built-in beeper alarm sounds when the air velocity in the hose falls below 20 m/s, for example if the hose is blocked or the filter needs cleaning, thereby warning the user of unnecessary dust exposure.

In combination with the RONDA® carbon filter, this setup is a good starting point for processing and sanitizing materials containing PCBs. The carbon filter is mounted on a practical trolley with four swivel castors and two lifting points for easy handling.

The life span of the carbon filter depends on the use and the absorbed concentration, and we recommend to test the filtering ability through regular measurements, or to exchange the filter periodically.

Item number: 82.06.1822

SKU: 82.06.1822


PMax./PNom 1450/1230 W
Collection capacity
Suction capacity
3000 mmWC
(without accessories) 31 + 15,5 kg


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