RONDA 200H Power

RONDA 200H Power is equipped with the newest motor technology with an improved suction capacity, lower power consumption and a reduced noise level. RONDA 200H Power is produced and developed at V. Brøndum A/S in Denmark.

RONDA 200H Power is suitable and also approved for both ordinary collection and for extraction from hand tools of typically large quantities of very fine  and health hazardous dust.

  • Collection in a synthetic bag or direct in the container
  • Simple filter cleaning during operation
  • Continuous suction power
  • Low noise level
  • Power outlet with automatic start/stop function
  • Is available with separate exhaust coupling
  • Soft start of motor
  • Beeper alarm in case of too low air flow

The heart of the RONDA 200H Power is the filter system, which consists of partly a RONDA multi-tube filter functioning as a pre-filter and partly a HEPA filter holding back the very fine particles.


Item number: 82.06.1016


The RONDA 200H Power Version 2020 is equipped with a service alarm that will sound when it is time to replace the motor. After the motor has been replaced, it is necessary to reset the service alarm, following this guide: How to reset the service alarm after replacing the motor.

The RONDA tool adapter with air adjustment is now standard accessory for RONDA 200H Power – see how it functions in this video:


SKU: 82.06.1016


blow through 1450 W
Collection capacity
(bag) 14 l / (container) 16 l
795 x 430 x 450 mm
Suction capacity
max. 3000 mmVs
(without accessories) 15 kg
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