The RONDA 2600H is a highly effective dry dust vacuum cleaner for large areas such as warehousing facilities, production facilities, sports centres etc. It is available with 2 motors (2200 W) and 3 motors (3300 W).

The RONDA 2600H is equipped with a 750 mm high-capacity front floor nozzle, which can be easily lifted from the floor by pulling the handle near the steering grip. The powerful 1100 W suction motors ensure high suction capacity, and the dissipation of static electricity is a guarantee of a good working environment.

The machine is equipped with a Teflon-coated multi-tube filter with a surface of 1.1 m2. The filter is mounted on springs and has a self-cleaning effect during operation.

The RONDA 2600H is equipped with a HEPA-filter (BIA Dust Class H). The filter holds back 99.995% of all particles greater than 0.3 μm.

The external filter cleaning with a pressure compensation valve will ensure efficient cleaning of the multi-tube filter, and it will not be necessary to take the vacuum cleaner apart.

The machine can be emptied from the bottom. You can quickly and easily loosen the collection container by lifting up the handle of the container.

RONDA 2600H is also available without the front floor nozzle, if you just want an efficient vacuum cleaner that can be emptied from the bottom.

SKU: 82.16.3099 (2200 W) / 82.16.3097 (3300 W) / 82.16.3083 (3300 W – 380V version) / 82.16.3096 (2200 W without front floor nozzle RN75/2) / 82.16.3091 (3300 W without front floor nozzle RN75/2)


2200 W / 3300 W
Collection capacity
(container) 35 L
1120 x 670 x 770 mm
Suction capacity
max. 2550 mmVs
(without accessories) 39 / 41 kg
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