RONDA 3400 Green Tech

RONDA 3400 Green Tech vacuum cleaner is an all-round solution for collection of very large volumes of material directly into a standard 200 litres drum, which makes the further handling of the material collected much easier.

By changing the filter system the machine can be adapted to many different tasks, inclusive of suction of liquid.

RONDA 3400 Green Tech is suitable for engine works, furniture factories and floor grinding workmen and everybody who need to collect large volumes of material.

  • Great volume
  • Strong trolley frame
  • Self-cleaning Teflon-coated multi-tube filter
  • Filter cleaning during operation
  • Static electricity dissipation

RONDA 3400 Green Tech is available with two or three motors.


Item number:

82.16.0188 (2200 W)
82.16.0186 (3300 W)

SKU: 82.16.0188 (2200 W) / 82.16.0186 (3300 W)


Blow through - 2 x 1100 / 3 x 1100
Collection capacity
(container) 185 l
1600 x 820 x 1000 mm
Suction power
max. 540 / 720 W
Suction capacity
max. 2550 mmVs
(without accessories) 48 / 49 kg
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