Heavy duty class H vacuum cleaner suitable for collecting large volumes of fine and health-hazardous dust or for extraction from floor sanders and other cutting or grinding tools which typically generate large volumes of very fine dust.

RONDA 4000H-QC is equipped with four motors which provide a very large air flow and a high suction capacity. The motors can also be started individually for less demanding tasks. Built-in acoustic alarm warns the user if the air flow in the hose falls below 20 m/sec.

The large Teflon-coated multi-tube filter with self-cleaning effect in combination with the machine’s cyclone inlet enables the RONDA 4000H-QC to handle large volumes of fine dust, such as cement or plaster dust. The filter can also be cleaned during operation using a shock valve.

RONDA 4000H-QC is standard equipped with the Longopac collection system, but the machine can also be supplied with a collection container or a combination of container and Longopac, depending on the customer’s wishes and the requirements of the task.

  • Powerful suction – four motors
  • Soft start of motors
  • Class H vacuum cleaner
  • Cyclone effect
  • Filter cleaner during operation
  • Acoustic alarm warns of low air flow
  • Suitable for extraction from tools
  • Handles cement, plaster and wood dust
  • Possibility of emptying during operation
  • Possibility of dust-free emptying
  • Strong metal frame with large wheels
  • Telescopic system for low transport height

Item number: 82.16.4010

SKU: 82.16.4010


(blow through) 4 x 900W
Collection capacity
(LxWxH1/H2) 800x715x1600/1870 mm
Suction capacity
(max, per motor) 2650 mmWc
(without accessories) 72 kg


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