RONDA 5-58 DUO R is a vacuum cleaner for large tasks and it is escpecially well suited for cleaning boilers. The collection containers made of stainless steel are particularly resistant to hot dust and extremely abrasive particles/materials. The filter is made of a fire-resistant material.

The machine has a large filter surface of 2.2 m², where the small and health hazardous particles are retained so that the exhaust air has been effectively purified of the dangerous, fine dust.

RONDA 5-58 DUO R is a powerful and effective solution for industrial dry vacuuming of hot and fine dust.

  • Very large collection capacity
  • Robust and resistant steel containers
  • Fire-resistant multi-tube filter
  • HEPA filter dust class H
  • Continuous filter cleaning during operation
  • Low noise level
  • Static electricity dissipation


Item number: 80.26.2023

SKU: 80.26.2023


by-pass - 2400 W
Collection capacity
(container) 58 + 30 l
Noise level
(container) 58 + 30 l
1180 x 565 x 1155 mm
Suction power
max. 410 W
Suction capacity
max. 2450 mmVs
(without accessories) 52 k
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