RONDA 5-58 DUO is a mobile dry and wet cleaner.

RONDA 5-58 DUO is suitable for large quantities of either dry materials or a combination of wet and dry.

RONDA 5-58 DUO has two separator containers. Container 1 is a cyclone separator with a coarse filter for separation of liquids, coarse particles, chips etc. larger than 1.5 mm. The standard version of separator container 2 is provided with a standard fabric filter to retain the small particles.

  • Cyclone separator
  • Strong continuous suction power
  • Very large collection capacity
  • Sorting of materials
  • Robust and strong trolley
  • Easy to empty
  • Static electricity dissipation
  • Ideal for difficult wood waste and chips
  • Possibility of different filter structures adapted to the task

RONDA 5-58 DUO is available in different customer specific variants depending on the task.

80.26.3006 (standard) / 80.26.3009 (with multi-tube filter)

SKU: 80.26.3006 (standard) / 80.26.3009 (with multi-tube filter)

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