RONDA 520 is specially designed for cleaning gutters and for vacuuming moss, leaves etc. With this machine, it is possible to vacuum both wet and dry material. Ideal in combination with the Easy Clean Gutter Cleaning System.

Three motors of a total of 3000 watt ensure powerful suction. The motors can be started individually when working with old electrical installations and small fuses.

A specially designed mesh bag holds back the vacuumed material. This bag stands on a grate, through which the liquid flows, while the leaves are held back in the collection bag. The liquid can be drained off through the drainage hose.

The machine is mounted onto a robust trolley frame with large rubber wheels, suitable for gravel, stairs and other obstacles typically surrounding a building.

  • Excellent suction power
  • Separates liquid/leaves
  • Washable mix-filter
  • Robust design
  • Easy to move around
  • Large rubber wheels

Below video demonstrates RONDA 520 and the Easy Clean Gutter Cleaning System:

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Item number: 80.26.1575

SKU: 80.26.1575


By-pass - 3 x 1000 W
Collection capacity
(bag/container) 62/70 liter
Noise level
73 dB(A)
1140 x 620 x 620 mm
Suction power
max. 480 W
Suction capacity
max. 2300 mmVs
(without accessories) 30 kg
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