RONDA 80H is a handy class-H vacuum cleaner designed especially for chimney sweeps as they often need a small and efficient vacuum cleaner which is easy to lift and carry – even up and downstairs. Well suited for vacuuming small amounts of fine and health hazardous particles, such as ash and soot, when cleaning chimneys, boilers etc.

RONDA 80H is equipped with a three-step filter system. First step is the collection bag which holds bag most of the vacuumed material. Next we have a membrane filter made of a flame retardant material serving the main purpose of protecting the HEPA filter in case the collection bag is damaged by for example embers that are sucked up by mistake. Finally, the machine is equipped with a large class-H HEPA filter as the main filter.

The vacuum cleaner is available in two versions with either 25 or 35 liter container, depending on the user’s needs. A three meter flexible suction hose is included. In order to minimize the weight of the vacuum cleaner, it comes as standard without wheel frame, but this is of cause available as an optional extra.

In class-H vacuum cleaners for collecting soot, ash and other types of dust that are harmful to health it is required to use a collection bag.

  • IFA classified HEPA filter in dust class H (filters >99.995% at 0.3 μm)
  • Easy to lift and carry
  • Low noise level
  • Collection in synthetic bag
  • Available with 25 or 35 liter container
  • Visual warning in case of too low air flow


Item number:

82.06.0170 – 25L container
82.06.0171 – 35L container

SKU: 25L container 82.06.0170 / 35L container 82.06.0171


(PMax/PNom) 1100/1050 W
Collection capacity
(Bag) 14 L
L430 x B450 x H625/715 mm
Suction power
2450 mmWC
10/11 kg
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