RONDA C120 is a strong suction unit to be used together with the popular MGB 120 refuse collection container.

The adapter of RONDA C120 closes tightly to the container and is held by two solid metal clips. The all-in-one machine has an enormous collection capacity, and you can dispose of the material collected as a part of the existing waste handling.

RONDA C120 replaces the broom and dustpan in the industrial cleaning and can be used in workshops, warehouses, factories and in production buildings.

Also available with built-in wet filter, float valve and with wet floor nozzle. Ideal for vacuuming liquid.

(Refuse container not included)

  • Very large collection capacity
  • Easy disposal of the material collected
  • Large range of filters
  • Flexible waste handling
  • Low noise level


Item number: 82.07.1200 (standard) / 82.07.1201 (wet filter)

SKU: 82.07.1200 / 82.07.1201


by-pass - 1200 W
Collection capacity
(container) 90 l
1270 x 500 x 500 mm
Suction power
max. 353 W
Suction capacity
max. 2450 mmVs
(without accessories) 11,5 kg
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