RONDA Vacuum Airflow Tester

RONDA Vacuum Airflow Tester is a portable testing unit which enables quick and simple measurement of the airflow through a vacuum cleaner.

If you hold a hand to the end of the hose of a working vacuum cleaner, you can to some extent estimate if the vacuum cleaner has “good” suction power. However, it is not so easy to judge if the air capacity of a three years old vacuum cleaner has gradually decreased because of blocked filters. This can be determined using the RONDA Vacuum Airflow Tester.

Reduced air capacity is often a sign of the filters needing cleaning or replacement. The Vacuum Airflow Tester is especially well suited for repair shops, rental companies or any other company that uses vacuum cleaners as part of the daily operation.

The Vacuum Airflow Tester is equipped with a built-in flow transmitter and measuring probe. It is connected to the vacuum cleaner through a standard RONDA bayonet-coupling.

  • Monitors and records the air flow through any vacuum cleaner
  • Available as 110 V or 230 V version
  • Robust construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple operation
  • Couplings and hose available as optional accessories

Item number: 80.50.0001

SKU: 80500001


380 x 510 x 240 mm
5 kg


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