New RONDA 200H Power

RONDA 200H now gets a face lift and changes its name to RONDA 200H Power

The new RONDA 200H Power is similar to the existing RONDA 200H model, but with following modifications and improvements:

New colours
RONDA 200H Power will be delivered in yellow and black instead of yellow and grey. This will make it easier to tell the new RONDA 200H Power apart from earlier models.

New, stronger motor
RONDA 200H power is equipped with a new, proven motor technology with a stronger suction power. The stronger suction power is particularly advantageous for customers who may want to use a longer hose or need to vacuum heavy material.

Improved air flow
The improved suction power changes the air flow, and it was necessary to slightly modify the design of the machine in order to retain a low noise level.

Stronger fixation of the HEPA-filter
We have made the fixation of the HEPA-filter stronger.

New bayonet coupling
New, strong hose coupling which holds the collection bag in place in the new bag holder. The coupling is tighter than the old coupling and it has a swivel function.

New plug for sealing the machine during transport
RONDA 200H Power is delivered as standard with a plug which is used to seal the machine during transport. This way, health-hazardous dust or other types of dust won’t fall out from the machine during transport.

New bag holder
On the RONDA 200H Power the flange of the collection bag is mounted into a slit. This ensures a user-friendly mounting and – not least – removal of the full bag.

New synthetic collection bag
The stronger motor and consequently higher suction power make a stronger collection bag necessary. The new collection bag is made without side folding as it was not possible to produce such sufficiently strong. The volume of the collection bag is unchanged and it also fits older RONDA 200 models.

You can read more about the new RONDA 200H Power here, or call +45 8682 4366 for further information.New RONDA 200H Power with new colours, a stronger motor, improved air flow, stronger fixation of the HEPA-filter and many other user friendly improvements.