New cyclone pre-separator

If you need to vacuum large volumes of fine dust, i.e. from construction sites, or other materials that put your vacuum cleaner to a serious challenge regarding its capacity or filter system, a pre-separator will in most cases be the solution to your problem.

The pre-separator is connected to the vacuum cleaner through an extra hose, and the suction hose, tube and nozzle is attached to the pre-separator.

The majority of the vacuumed material stays inside the pre-separator, and only very little of the dust ends up in the vacuum cleaner.

V. BRØNDUM A/S now introduces a new, robust and handy RONDA cyclone pre-separator model CF-501. The built-in cyclone enables the separation of up to 99% of the vacuumed material into the container of the pre-separator, meaning that only a very small part of the dust ends up in the vacuum cleaner. Thereby, the strain on the filter system of the vacuum cleaner is reduced, resulting in much better operation conditions. The cyclone unit is integrated in the top of the pre-separator and is therefore well protected.

The new pre-separator has a container capacity of 50 litres, and it is possible to collect dust etc. directly into the container of the pre-separator, or into a strong plastic sack, which can be easily closed using a plastic strip, and then disposed.

RONDA CF-501 is equipped with a strong metal frame and 5 robust swivel wheels, which makes transportation safe and easy.

Read more about the RONDA CF-501 here, or call +45 8682 4366 for further information.