RONDA 1800H Twin with collection container

RONDA 1800H Twin is a powerful H-class vacuum cleaner / dust extractor of high quality, which is suitable for large volumes of very fine and/or health hazardous dust.

This model is equipped with a metal collection container. The machine is emptied from the bottom by lowering the container by means of a telescopic system. It is possible to collect either directly into the container, or into a plastic sack or a disposable collection container.

RONDA 1800H Twin is equipped with the latest motor technology which ensures a high level of suction, even with a longer suction hose in use. You can activate one or two motors as needed and with a simple push of a button, the vacuum cleaner can be set for Ø38 or Ø50 mm hose. This makes the machine suitable for various vacuuming tasks.

Acoustic alarm

If the air flow in the hose should fall below 20 m/sec., for instance because of a blocked hose, an overfilled container, a blocked filter etc. at the risk of exposing the user and surroundings to unnecessary dust nuisances, an acoustic alarm will be activated.

The large multi-tube filter has a self-cleaning effect, which in combination with the Teflon-coating makes the filter perfect for large volumes of fine dust, such as cement or plaster dust. An efficient shock valve makes it possible to clean the multi-tube filter during operation. This is a robust system without many movable parts and with a long life span. The strong trolley frame protects the machine and makes transport safe and easy.

RONDA 1800H Twin is also available with Longopac collection system.

  • Suitable for extraction from power tools, e.g. floor grinders
  • Continuous suction power
  • Low air flow alarm (acoustic)
  • Emptying from the bottom
  • Filter cleaning during operation, manually with shock valve
  • Static electricity dissipation
  • Strong trolley frame with large wheels
  • Parking holder for tube and floor nozzle
  • Also available as a model with Longopac

Item number: 82.16.1840

SKU: 82161840


PMax./PNom. 2700/2550 W
Collection capacity
(sack/container) 16/28 l
Noise level
74,2 dB(A)
H1300 x W550 x L550 mm
Suction power
2800 mmWc
(without accessories) 39 kg
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