RONDA Carbon Filter for NPU

RONDA Carbon Filter for NPU is used in renovation work when there is a risk of the building materials containing PCBs. The filter is placed in the outlet hose of the Negative Pressure Unit (NPU). The filter is constructed in a way that gives the least possible resistance in the outlet air flow, so that the suction of the NPU is not unnecessarily burdened.

RONDA Carbon Filter 3000/315 (photo top) is an in-line filter which is fitted with connection hoses at the intake and outlet. RONDA Carbon Filter 4500/400 (photo bottom) is placed outside the room as the filtered air is blown out directly through the side of the filter to keep the pressure drop on the filter low. It is important that the air that goes into the carbon filter has been fully and correctly filtered for fine dust before it reaches the carbon filter. Any remaining dust particles will damage the carbon and block the filter.

User friendly and robust design

The carbon filter is fitted onto a handy trolley with two swivel castors and two pneumatic tires for easy transport. The inlet of the filter is with a 315 or 400 mm (ventilation-) connection for standard flex hoses. The outlet of the 3000/315 filter is with a 315 mm (ventilation-) connection for a standard 315 mm flex hose. The carbon filters are designed for max. 3000 m3/h and 4500 m3/h and can be used in combination with our RONDA NPU models (1250, 2500 and 5000), as well as other brands with connection and air flow corresponding to the technical data of the carbon filters.

The life span of the carbon filters depends on the use and the absorbed concentration. The life span expiration should always be monitored through test measuring. The filters are delivered without connection hoses which are to be ordered separately.

  • For filtering the outlet air from renovation tasks
  • Can be used with all Negative Pressure Units with HEPA class H or H14 filtering
  • Easy hose connection between the machine and the filter
  • Can be used with the RONDA NPU series.

Item number:

RONDA Carbon Filter 3000/315: 84.67.7030
RONDA Carbon Filter 4500/400: 84.67.7035

SKU: 84677030 / 84677035


1350 x 620 x 610 / 630 mm
(total) 44,5 / 42 kg


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