Ronda 300


RONDA 300 is able to vacuum both wet and dry without a change of filter. The ideal machine if you often need to vacuum both wet and dry dust, or in situations with many people sharing the same machine.

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Ronda 350


RONDA 350 is a compact, very robust wet cleaner with a built-in pump for continuous operation and pumping out of the liquid collected. The wet cleaner is able to collect large quantities of both clean water and dirty water with a small content of solid particles. The machine is suitable for demanding tasks, such as…

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Ronda 370

RONDA 370 is especially developed for cooling water supply in connection with diamond drilling, grinding and sawing. The effective cleaning system of the machine purifies the concrete sludge and ensures a continuous recycling of the cooling water.

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Ronda 500


RONDA 500 has a large suction capacity and can collect wet and dry material* with a simple change of collection bag. The machine is ideal if you often need to vacuum both wet and dry or you often need to vacuum sludge. RONDA 500  is delivered with a synthetic collection bag for dry material. If…

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