RONDA 2600 upgrade

New front floor nozzle makes vacuuming large areas much easierRonda 2600H V2022

The popular ware house vacuum cleaner RONDA 2600 has been upgraded with a new front floor nozzle. The nozzle can be easily lifted and lowered approximately 20 mm during operation. By lifting the nozzle it is possible to vacuum small pieces of dirt or similar light objects which would otherwise be pushed in front of the nozzle by the brushes.

Lifting the nozzle is also practical when passing over doorsteps or similar obstacles. The nozzle is simply lifted by pulling the handle near the steering grip.

Furthermore, the machine is of course still equipped with two motors, a large multi-tube filter as pre-filter, HEPA filter, external semi-automatic filter cleaning with pressure compensation valve, and bottom emptying system.


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