RONDA Mini-Vac

RONDA Mini Vac støvsuger

RONDA Mini-Vac is a small portable class H vacuum cleaner, suitable for vacuuming small amounts of dust that is harmful to health. The filter system, consisting of collection bag, pre-filter and class H HEPA filter, captures 99.995% of the vacuumed particles. Access to the collection bag is very easy, so that it can be easily…

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RONDA 80H is a handy class-H vacuum cleaner designed especially for chimney sweeps as they often need a small and efficient vacuum cleaner which is easy to lift and carry – even up and downstairs. Well suited for vacuuming small amounts of fine and health hazardous particles, such as ash and soot, when cleaning chimneys, boilers…

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RONDA 2000 Green Tech

RONDA 2000 Green Tech – a heavy-duyt industrial vacuum cleaner. RONDA 2000 has a large self-cleaning multi-tube filter and is suitable for large cleaning tasks and the final cleaning after grinding or sanding wood or concrete floors etc. RONDA 2000 Green Tech meets the requirements as to vacuum cleaners in the industry and the construction industry.…

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RONDA 2800H Green Tech

RONDA 2800H Longopack støvsuger

The RONDA  2800H is a heavy duty vacuum cleaner class H for large volumes of fine dust with the possibility of collection in both Longopac and directly into container.  Dust-free emptying and emptying during operation also possible. Well qualified for the construction industry, the hire industry and other industries dealing with large volumes of fine…

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RONDA CF-502P and CF-502A


RONDA CF-502 cyclone pre-separator can be connected to a vacuum cleaner or another type of suction unit for protection of the filter from overload.

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RONDA F-3400 pre-separator

The RONDA F-3400 pre-separator is intended for the collection of very large quantities of material directly into a standard 200 l drum, which makes the handling of the material collected much easier.

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RONDA Big Bag Pre-Separator

Big Bag Pre-separator for collection of large quantities of material/dust in standard big bags (75x115x130 cm). Using a standard hose, the pre-separator can be connected with one or two vacuum cleaners, depending on the suction power needed for the specific task.

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